Premium Package (most Common)

  • 4 visits per month
  • All services in Standard Package
  • start and run vehicle $10/Mo per vehicle
  • Communication after each visit with pictures if requested
  • close down house after owner departs to make sure all items are turned off and secured as needed
  • Take out garbage 
  • Open and prepare home prior to owners return
  • Pre and Post storm inspection (photos included if needed).
  • If repairs are needed to home or property, we will monitor repairs and act as home owners agent.
  • Treat Air Conditioner drainage each month
  • Check all pool equipment
  • Can add and customize 

Professional Home Watch Services

Please contact us for additional services. 

We can customize any package

Gold Package

  • Visit once a week
  • All services in Premium Package
  • Contact home owner via text or email after each visit
  • Post departure closure of house.
  • Prepare home prior to owners return (stock Refrigerator upon request).
  • Will start and run/drive vehicles upon owners request.
  • Close all storm shutters prior to named storm.
  • Reopen shutters after storm.
  • Respond to home as key holder as per request of alarm company
  • Will visually inspect pool and equiptment each visit.
  • Will be present for 1 delivery or repair per month upon customers request.
  • Other service available upon agreement with GCHW and customer.

Choice Package

  • ​Pay by visit
  • All Benifits from Premium Package

Gulf Coast Home Watcher, LLC

Home Visits

  • Secure all doors and windows

  • Inspect for insects
  • Inspect for visible mold or mildew
  • Inspect Lanai and pool area
  • Run water and flush toilets
  • Check Exterior
  • Remove solicitation material
  • Check air conditioning and thermostat
  • Take in packages and mail
  • Check refrigerators and freezers are working
  • Check for tripped breakers or evidence of a power surge
  • Check fror moisture on ceiling and around windows (condo)
  • Check for water leaks under sinks (condo)
  • Check carpet for water (condo)
  • Will notify owner immediately of any issues