Gulf Coast Home Watcher, LLC

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Q. Why should I hire a home watch company ?

​A. When you are away from your home for an extended amount of time things can go wrong. In SW Florida your air conditioning runs 24/7 and if it fails it could mean costly clean up of mold and mildew when you return to your home or condo. Insect control and security are also another reason why home watch is essential for your home.

Q. When should I change the batteries in my smoke detectors?

A. It is recommended that smoke detectors have the batteries replaces every 6 months. The easiest way to remember is to change them when you change your clocks for day light savings. Spring 1 hour a head and Fall 1 hour back.

Q. Does it cost me to have someone come to my house for an estimate?

A. No, In home estimates are free of charge. We will come out to your home and discuss our packages with you. You are not locked into a contract and can make changes at anytime. Because we understand that things change we try and be flexible to meet your needs.

Q. Who gets the keys to my home or condo?

​A. Only the employees of Gulf Coast Home Watcher who are trained and insured home watchers.